Preparation & Materials Requires for vehicle fit

Materials & Tools required that you will need are:

1) one – 3ft. to 4ft length of 2×4 wood for front spacer to provide 2″ of spacing at front of truck box .

2) one – sheet or multiple sheet(s) of plywood or chipboard (see Chart) for floor spacing.

3) one – ratchet with 9/16″ socket to operate clamping lock-down system.

Chart for sheet thickness . Type of Truck Required thickness of 4′ x 8′ sheet

GMC – Chevy 1998 or older 3/4″
GMC – Chevy 1999 or newer 1″
Dodge Ram 93 or older 3/4″
Dodge Ram 94 or newer 1/2″
Ford F-150, F-250, 1996 or older 1/2″
Ford F-150, F-250, 1997 or newer 1-1/4″
Ford Heavy Duty 1999 F250- F450 & up 1-1/4″

Lock-Down Procedure



a) Place a loose sheet of 4’x 8′ plywood or other type of flat sheet such as chip board on truck bed floor (see chart) to fix height of Master over box rails.

make sure there is about an index finger space between the top of the rails and the bottom of the side of the Master. The Master should not rest on the rails of the bed, you want the weight on the floor of the bed instead.

b) Place a 3 to 4 foot length of 2″ wide wood (a 2×4 on edge is satisfactory) at inner front of box.


a) Place socket into access hole inside Master.b) Slide socket over bolt and push socket firmly to clear lock-ring on bolt.c) While pushing socket over lock-ring gently rotate counter-clockwise to lower arms.


(These are usually preset for initial vehicle type at factory)


a) Center Master from side to side


a) To raise lock-down arms place socket into access hole from inside Master.

b) Place socket over bolt pushing socket in firmly to clear and free lock-ring activation bolt.

c) Pushing socket over lock-ring gently rotate clockwise C to secure lock-down arm in clamping position. Use Caution not to over tighten or rail may become damaged. From the fully down position full clamping engagement is approximately 6 – 7 complete turns.


a) Ground Wire

b) Power Wire (for Interior Lights & 12V Auxiliary Power Plug)

c) Third Brake Light